Bar Stool Magic

I had 3 bar stools restored by Jon Clapper. The arms  were all scratched  deeply  because of a change of counter height due to a house move.   Mr. Clapper did take my  stools  to his shop for ease of this job.  In all,  he cut an inch off the 4 legs of each stool, , refinished the arms,  took the seat cushions off and to the upholstery shop near him and then brought back the  reassembled stools. The stools are a quality product and they now look new again and don’t hit the bottom lip of the counter. I am very glad I had the work done and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I “live” on my kitchen bar stools. Well worth everything.  Mr. Clapper is a true craftsman. And a very nice and trustworthy man.